Monday, 9 October 2017

THE FLAME BEARER by Bernard Cornwell

The Flame Bearer by Bernard Cornwell
  I wish every day was an Uhtred day. When I am reading a new book in the series, this character just brings so much enjoyment to my week.
  There is something about the books that makes them so stress free to read too. They are written well and yet you don't have to work hard. Plenty of lovely prose in them if you want to notice it. Heaps of outstanding dialogue, which is hard not to notice. The laughs are plenty. The characters are rich in personality. It all blends so perfectly in these books and you can knock one over so quickly. Maybe too quickly. As now there is the long wait for the next book and I had already dragged out reading this one in anticipation of another one in the series coming in 2017, but it didn't, so now we fans of Uhtred, have to wait until the end of 2018 I guess.

  This book is one of the most significant of the series. You would have to read it to know why. I can't really go into that without dropping in massive spoilers. It is just...monumental and prodigious. Read it to know why, and if you are a fan of the series, then enjoy!

  I have to say, I found the scenes between Uhtred and Constantin to be some of the most enjoyable scenes between two characters of the whole series to date. Well, at least of those I can recall and I am sure there are other 'greats' and after ten books, I simply do not remember them. But Constantin is such a character, a good match for Uhtred, and Cornwell plays both enigmatic characters off each other so well.

  This book is like the others in most ways. Vile, cunning priests, extraordinary warriors, great deeds and deceptions, ineffective and underwhelming nobility and rulers, travelling all over the countryside and then travelling all over it back again, lots of insults parried back and forth between Dane and Saxon, Saxon and Saxon, Pagan and priest, a bit of sea action, port action...screaming life to the fullest...dying miserably..yeah, it's all there for the fan of this that one significant and momentous thing. It is there too.

  Loved it! Love it more just thinking about it! 5 brightly burning stars for you Flame Bearer.

- MM

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