Thursday, 27 April 2017


  I've had a good couple of weeks with these books arriving in the mail (purchased online).
In particular, The Risen by David Anthony Durham and Sons of the Blood by Robyn Young were greeted by me with more than a few yip yips of excitement.

  I have made no secret of my admiration for David Anthony Durham's one and only (until The Risen was released) historical fiction book, Pride of Carthage. I even class it as one of my top ten 'Must Read' Historical Fiction books. That list I posted to this blog a couple years back.  It can be found here: Top Ten Must Read Historical Fiction Books.
  It was always a great shame that the author had not written anymore historical fiction, so when I heard he was about to release another one, and it was set in Ancient History, I was elated. Not necessarily for me, but for the historical fiction reading community as a whole. Good quality authors writing in the historical fiction genre are of high value. For their ability to transport the reader whilst also educating them on history.

  Robyn Young is another of those treasures and any new book by her is cause for celebration. I thought so highly of her trilogy set during the Wars of Scottish Independence.
  This was my review of the first in that trilogy, Insurrection.  Can not recommend them enough. To have a new book - and a new trilogy - from this author is wonderful.

  The other two books, well, these authors need no introduction. Giles Kristian and Bernard Cornwell are two well known and respected authors who you can nearly guarantee won't let you down every time they release a new book. They are both very skilled historical fiction authors.
  The Flame Bearer by Bernard Cornwell is number 10 in his Saxon/Viking series. One of my favourite series'. Always thrilled when a new one of those books comes out. I got behind on this series and only got to number 9 in the series a few weeks before this post. That review is here: Warriors of the Storm.
  Winter's Fire is the second book in Giles Kristian's newest Viking series and I am currently reading the first one in this series now, God of Vengeance.

  Of all these new books, it will have to be Robyn Young's book, Sons of the Blood, that I will read first. I'll be picking it up beginning of May and reading it at the same time as some friends. Can't wait.

- MM

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