Thursday, 29 January 2015

On My Desk: BY THE SWORD by Christian Kachel

I was recently sent a copy of this book. By The Sword by Christian Kachel. It is first in a series called Spoils of Olympus and it is fresh off an Independent publisher's printing press just for me.
It was released in November 2014 and is most commonly found as an ebook, although a paper copy can be bought online as well. I don't read ebooks, so scored a hardcopy.

When Christian offered me a copy of his book, something about it made me want to give it a go. I say no so regularly, that I surprised even myself when I said yes.

Boy, am I glad I agreed to read this. I shouldn't, officially, be reading it right now because I am trying to get a different book read, but I read the first page and couldn't stop reading! I don't get to say that often enough these days!

Before I knew it I was 20 pages in and had to throw out the anchor.
I have to finish that other book I am reading, but I hope when I get back to By The Sword, that the great storytelling continues through the whole book and does not start and finish in the opening chapters.

As for the book itself, By the Sword is actually a lovely book in the flesh. A good hearty size with an eyecatching, glossy black and white cover that you really have to see in person to truly appreciate.

Being a nut for a map, I was pleased to discover a map on the opposite page to the first chapter.
Good stuff, Christian Kachel. Kudos to you.

- MM

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