Monday, 27 October 2014

On My Desk: THE EMPTY THRONE by Bernard Cornwell

It has arrived!! There he is! Photo taken in the flesh.
And it is sporting what I feel may be the best cover of this series to date.

 It isn't that it has a cool helmet placed on a cool chair.
 It is because of the meaning behind that chair, that chair in that hall (the image on the back cover is more telling than the close up image on the front).
Some of you will know what I mean and those who don't, if you have any interest in these books, should read the series from the start, or catch up with the series if you have only read a few.

As a massive fan of the Warrior Chronicles (Saxon Stories in the US) the cover art on front and back, is quite thrilling to me.
I can not yet sink my teeth into the story behind the cover. I am up to my eyeballs in a really enjoyable book right now. I have about half of that book to go before I can finally start The Empty Throne.

Not complaining really. It is an embarrassment of riches and I welcome it.

- MM

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