Wednesday, 30 April 2014

There is a Season: RAIDERS FROM THE NORTH by Alex Rutherford

Raiders From the North
This will be one of those reviews where I don't really have much to say. Due to a mood clash I am at a complete loss with Raiders of the North by Alex Rutherford, but I will try and loop some words together into what I would say is less of a review and more of a 'view'.

From time to time I want to push myself out of my comfort zone and try something I would not normally read and this book was one of those times. There are certain periods of history and cultures/countries from history that hold very little interest for me.
Rome and Romans for example.
I have more misses than hits when reading historical fiction based on them, because I have little interest in the era (from a fictional standpoint, I am much better with non fiction on them).

Sometimes it works out when I push myself to read in these eras. I have found some good books by doing it. But sometimes it does not work out...Enter stage right, Raiders from the North.

Sadly for Raiders from the North (and I am sad about it as I think for anybody who is not me, this could be a very good read) I pushed myself out of my comfort zone at the wrong time in my life.

It's Autumn, the sun is shining, the garden is having its last growth spurt before winter. Birds are nesting, singing, darting about. Forget winter wonderlands, here is an Autumnal wonderland. And I'd much rather be in it, enjoying the last of the seasons sunshine, getting my hands dirty in the soil and going for long walks in the hills, than shut away indoors reading a fiction story set in a period of history I have no interest in.

I think I have realised that if I am going to force myself to read books in a least favourite era, I should save it for Winter when the outdoors are not calling me away. Or perhaps even during the scorching heat of Summer, when I seek escape behind closed doors, in an airconditioned room.

I know I have not given this book its due. Another time, another place, another day, another Season and this may have been a very different review full of robust commentary.

As for rating it, I can only give it 2 stars and attach this 'view' to it. Hopefully this will fully explain why it is that this book got those miserable 2 stars. I do not really think it is a 2 star book, if that makes sense to you. I think the book is probably a 3 star or even maybe a 4 star. The writing is good, the story seemed intelligently done.
I can only rate based on my experience and while I think the book deserves more stars, my personal experience with it, dictates that I give it only 2.

- MM

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