Monday, 23 September 2013

The Day Medieval Mayhem Interviewed Bernard Cornwell

I was lucky enough recently to be asked by Richard Lee over at the Historical Novel Society,  to interview Bernard Cornwell for the September/October releases of the latest book in the Warrior Chronicles/Saxon Stories - The Pagan Lord.

This historical fiction series is right up there in equal first position on my favourite series' of all time list (a list I only keep in my head) next to Robert Low's Oathsworn series.
So you can imagine how honoured I was to have been asked to do this interview with Uhtred's Dad,
Bernard Cornwell.

I did not realise, until it came to organising the ten questions on paper, that I already had some questions rattling around in my coconut. Things I must have pondered on many occasions as I read the series over the years, because when I sat down to compile the interview, most of the questions tumbled out effortlessly.

This was the final result.

Thankyou to Richard Lee at the Historical Novel Society and to Bernard Cornwell for this opportunity.

Snarling back to life: Bernard Cornwell on Pagan Lord, Uhtred’s latest blood-drenched outing

- MM


  1. Terri - Thanks for the link. That was a great interview and I loved BC's responses. Also, I'm really glad he does not have any plans to wrap up his Uhtred tales. What a pleasure and honor it is to have interviewed him. Well done!

    1. Hi Joseph,
      Thanks very much. It certainly was a highlight of my year to interview B. Cornwell. I am still amazed that it happened!
      I was grateful for his detailed responses on the questions that required them. Especially the religion one since, as you know yourself, Pagan v Christianity are such big players in the series.
      Terri (MM)

  2. Great interview Terri, BC is one of my favourite authors and one of my favourite series are the Saxon books. Ive been sharing this interview and your blog on my FB group. Great stuff

    1. Thanks Paula,
      Hope the members over there at The Review enjoyed it. :)

  3. I just started the Saxon Chronicles about a week ago. LOVE On the 5th book. How awesome for you to interview the man!

    1. Sorry, I did not see your reply until now! Glad you are liking the series. It was an awesome experience to get to interview him. :D I was very lucky.