Sunday, 25 August 2013

Mayhem For Mayhem

It has been such a busy month for me. Computer died and when it did, it took with it my ability to blog. I do have a Tablet, but it is impossible to blog from it, as many Blogger features do not work on it.
I am now armed with my new baby. Shiny, black, delightfully quick. My first foray into Wndows 8 too and I have discovered this amazing thing called Windows Writer which allows me to blog to Ancient & Medieval Mayhem straight from my PC’s desktop.  What a wonder of the modern era!
So I will be back in full blogging swing soon. Stay posted for an upcoming interview with author Gordon Doherty. He is the author of the A&M Historical Fiction Groups September Group Read Strategos: Born in the Borderlands and will be joining us for the discussion of his book in group.
See you here or see you there.
- MM

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