Saturday, 11 May 2013

History and Social Media Collide

When I made the decision to boot up this blog I was convinced that that was as far into the social media network water that I wanted to wade, but I suppose once you try something once and don't get bitten, you begin to feel more comfortable with it. To coin another phrase, feel less like a fish out of water.
So I surged ahead and set up a Facebook Page to tie in with the A&M Historical Fiction Group and this blog, Ancient & Medieval Mayhem. But that was it, thought I, oh so gullible. 
Then through interactions on A&M Historical Fiction Group I discovered that the only way to contact some authors to invite them to group reads of their books was to Tweet them.

Tweet them?  What's this? Can it be that some people won't check their email, but will notice a tweet? In the case of one author, yes, it can be. Some people are indeed ignoring their 'snail mail' email accounts and dealing with people through Twitter instead. That was how we reached this one author in time to invite him to partake of our book group discussion....which, by the way, turned out to be a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Then I realised that here lay the next new world. A place where not only were we able to connect with authors and invite them to discuss their books, but a place where members of our Book Group may prefer to be kept abreast of latest updates.. ie Group Read Poll results, blog posts on this blog, news posted to the Facebook Page, Group Reads starting.
So that is what we have done. Branched out a little further into the new world of Social Media and set up an Ancient & Medieval Historical Fiction Group Twitter Page. Mercy me. What next!

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