Monday, 4 February 2013

Welcome as I prepare to take flight

Welcome to my first post as Medieval Mayhem. This will take some time to set up as I am still learning the site.
The purpose of this blog is to post about books and history, amoung other more random things. The blog will also be connected to the Ancient & Medieval Historical Fiction Group on Goodreads and you can catch me there if you are game.
I will post reviews of books as I read them with the group or as I read them on my own and I will mix it up with some thoughts on history from time to time.
So stick with me folks. I hope to make this a fun blog to follow! Only right now, I am still growing my flight feathers.



  1. Very nice, I love your background! :)

    Are you gonna have any time left for reading now that you've started this??

  2. Thanks! Took me ages to find and resize to the perfect size then tweak everything. Nearly did my head in. :)
    I HAVE to find time for reading, or I won't have anything to blog about!

  3. haha! It's Leslie! :D
    Fancy seeing you here.